Saturday, 6 June 2015

That Didn’t Last Long Did It?

Friday became our warmest day of the year as early in the afternoon the temperature reached 24.0°C (75.2°F). By mid afternoon the weather was already changing as the clear blue skies of the morning clouded over and a stiff coolish breeze picked up. I suppose we have to be thankful for a day and a half of decent weather.
The wind from last week has already damaged some of the main stems to one of our cardoons. It’s not supposed to be windy in June!
On the plot Sue planted out our squash, pumpkin and courgette plants. By the time we left they already had a bit of a lean on due to the strong breeze. It felt like we might be planting them out a bit early but then again it is June so if they can’t safely be planted out now I don’t know when.
The forecast for the next few days is not that impressive for early June. We might get some sunshine but the temperatures are fairly disappointing.


  1. Same weather pattern here :-( It's not an easy year to be a gardener, is it?

    1. It's certainly a tricky year Jayne. We've some runner beans to plant out next week but I don't think they'll appreciate cold and windy weather.

  2. We didn't get the predicted heat wave here above Morecambe Bay,sunny enough but still the biting wind that seems to have gone on for most of the Spring.Struggled across to the plot against the gale yesterday!
    My pumpkins and squashes are ready to plant out but I'm waiting for a lull ,as a couple of years ago some beautifully grown squash plants were destroyed by similar winds within an hour of planting them.
    However the sprouts and psb seem to be holding their own in the mini windshields which were designed to ward off cabbage root fly and are already protected by netting which also seems to act as a wind stopper.

    1. Our squashes didn't look too happy after the gales. As we've sweetcorn, runner beans and climbing french beans all waiting to be planted out something had to give. The squash plants were the unlucky ones.


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