Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Double and Single Tomato Flowers

After a chilly start Tuesday turned into a decent June day.

I couldn’t help but notice two very different flowers on our greenhouse tomatoes.
Tomato Ananas 
Tomato Sungold
Ananas is described as a heirloom variety producing large, slightly flattened beefsteak tomatoes with distinctive yellow and orange streaked skins. It’s the first time we’ve tried this variety and it is said to produce tomatoes weighing in at around 500gms or 1.1lbs each. It’s clearly not going to produce large trusses of fruit with tomatoes that size. The flowers it is producing are what I would describe as double flowers.

Sungold is producing what I would consider normal single tomato flowers. We grew this variety last year and it produces masses of small but very sweet and juicy tomatoes with lots of tomatoes to each truss.

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  1. That's double petal tomato flowers! Hope you can get large tomatoes!


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