Wednesday, 17 June 2015

To Pick or Not to Pick That Is the Question?

Tuesday was another decent day after a bit of a dull start the afternoon turned out bright and warm when the sun came out.

If you’ve been following our blogs you’ll know that this year we have kept our apricot, peach and nectarine trees in the greenhouse in an attempt to avoid peach leaf curl. Over the last couple of years we’ve been lucky to have leaves on the trees let alone any fruit.
Keeping the trees under cover seems to have worked and not only do we still have leaves but fruit as well. In the case of our apricot Flavourcot that amounts to only two fruits but we’re not going to start complaining. They both look ready to eat but are they? We don’t want to pick the fruit too early as these are our first ever apricots we want to pick them at their very best. If grown outside the fruit should be ready for August.
With that in mind mid June seems a little early even though they’re growing in the greenhouse. The apricots are still very firm to the touch so we’ve decided to wait a little longer before picking them. But how long will we manage to wait?

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  1. Wonderful, a fresh apricot. Growing inside definitely agrees with them. Almost all of my peaches have mysteriously disappeared, I'm most disappointed. I shall look forward to hearing the verdict on the apricots when the time is right.


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