Saturday, 20 June 2015


Friday continued our cool spell of weather for June. Friday’s high was fractionally lower than Thursday’s, pushing yesterday’s record a little bit further into June. Today’s high was 14.8°C or 58.6°F.

As if we hadn’t enough rhubarb growing on the plot we received a variety called Poulton’s Pride from DT Brown today.
I’ve potted each root into a larger pot to allow it to grow on a bit before planting it out on the plot. I don’t suppose rhubarb will mind this spell of cool June weather.

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  1. Lovely, they look like really nice healthy plants. The leaves look quite unusual, but maybe that's because they're quite young. I'm on a mission to improve my rhubarb this year. I mysteriously found a chunk of it on my plot one day, which I planted (never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that), and that's doing quite nicely.


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