Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A June Record Broken Already and a Strange Tomato

There’s no getting around it Tuesday was a horrible day for June. It was windy most of the morning but it picked up in strength through the late morning and into the afternoon. A gust of 27mph set a new 6 year record high breaking the previous highest of 23mph.
Temperature and Wind Speed Records Monday 01 June - Wednesday 03 June 2015
You may remember I posted about a tomato plant I’d been given called Crimson Crush. It’s grown considerably since I last posted and I thought it was about time it moved on into a larger pot.
As you can see the plant is making a very good root system but it is growing in a most unusual way for a tomato. It’s as if the plant is enlarging rather than growing and it doesn’t appear to want to make new leaves or a central stem. The existing leaves just seem to be getting bigger.
Now in its larger pot it should be good for a few more weeks growing. My aim is to plant it outside on the plot next to some other tomato plants and see if blight strikes any of the plants leaving Crimson Crush free of blight which is its claim to fame.


  1. My little plastic greenhouse was a casualty of the wind on Monday evening. I put it back up yesterday afternoon, although it was blowing round the garden as I was trying to clean it. I put a heavy sack of compost in the bottom in the end and it stood firm. Bit of a mess of seedlings inside though. I shall be interested to see how that tomato grows and also whether it withstands blight.

    1. Planted out all my remaining tomato plants in the plot this afternoon except for that Crimson Crush. Sorry to hear about your plastic greenhouse. At least you didn't loose it altogether. Some plastic ones on the plot have been known to disappear forever in windy weather.

  2. I don't have much luck with tomatoes lately. Mine had a lot of fruits but all rotten half way.... Good luck to you! ;)


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