Sunday, 14 June 2015

Experimenting with Video

Saturday never really brightened up after some early morning rain. It felt muggy in the afternoon and the sun tried its hardest to break through the clouds but it didn’t quite manage it. The morning rainfall came to 7.2mm (0.28”) making it the wettest day of the month.

It was a good day to do a little bit of video editing to sort out my video from RSPB Old Moor taken on Friday. It’s now uploaded in glorious 4k resolution.

All the birds on the reserve kept their distance from our camera lenses and all the videos of birds were taken with my camera operating on its maximum zoom equivalent to a 400mm lens.

Having filmed all my video in 4k resolution I decided to compare the quality of an individual frame grab using video editing software (CyberLink Power Director) and an individual frame grab using my camera which does the same thing.
Frame grab using CyberLink Power Director
Frame Grab Panasonic DMC FZ1000
Frame grab using CyberLink Power Director and image cropped
I’m not sure I can spot any difference in the end. Both methods produce an excellent clear image and there’s enough detail in the images to allow for cropping. It’s easier to grab an image using video software but using my camera retains much more of the EXIF data that would be stored along with the image.

Either way I’m happy enough with the final result.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. All the images look great. Looks a lovely setting for photography.

    1. It is Kelli. Hard to believe it was the site of a colliery not that many years ago.

  2. I would say that the camera you are using fulfils all your needs for both stills and video Martyn considering your usual subject matter I would say your purchase has been excellent value for money considering the excellent results you have obtained

    1. The great thing is David I don't have to carry around an enormous telephoto lens weighing in at half a ton. I've still got a great deal to learn about how to use all the different settings but that's part of the fun of photography for me. Watch this space for dull weather pictures.


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