Sunday, 7 June 2015

More Gales and Cute Tiger Cubs

The weather doesn’t seem to know it’s June as we were treated to more gales force winds on Saturday. Only 6 days into the month and it’s become the windiest June of the last six years.
It’s the first time in June that I’ve recorded gust in excess of 26mph in the month.

Although it was lovely and sunny outside we decided against trying to do any gardening in the very unpleasant conditions. It gave me some time to do a little bit of video editing of our visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Thursday. After watching one of the polar bears diving into the lake we thought we would be hard pressed to see something else as entertaining but we were wrong.
 The three Amur tiger cubs born on the 29 March 2015 came out to play and have a little bit of lunch with their mum, Tschuna.

Some better weather is now required so that I can get on with some gardening.


  1. Adorable little cubs, I imagine they're quite rare, it must be quite a coup for the zoo to have bred them and no doubt they are a big draw. Mummy tiger has her paws full.

    1. She's the boss. She doesn't let them get very close to people.

  2. Tigers are one of my favourite animals.. thank you for sharing this wonderful video, those cubs are so adorable.

    1. One of my favourites too - although the leopard is a close call.


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