Wednesday, 1 July 2015


It took a while for June to warm up but it’s certainly finished with a hot spell as Tuesday finished up easily the hottest day of the year with the temperature soaring to 29.8°C or 85.6°F. The hottest day I’ve recorded in June is 31.6°C (88.9°F) which also happens to be the hottest day we’ve had in the last six years.

We made a planned visit to RSPB Bempton Cliffs to see the nesting sea birds. It was a super day out on the cliff tops. It was a little cooler than inland with a stiff breeze blowing.
The breeze seemed to suit the gannets just fine and these magnificent sea birds were able to take off and land into the breeze with only a few adjustments to their wings. No flapping was necessary. 
Of course no visit to Bempton Cliffs at this time of year would be complete without spotting one or two puffins. 


  1. I'm sure the sea breeze will have been very welcome yesterday. Lovely photos.

    1. It was only when we got back home we realised just how hot it was.


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