Friday, 24 October 2014

Accidental Selfie

Wednesday was dull and drab with some spells of light rain and drizzle. It continued dull but dry on Thursday and pleasantly mild with the afternoon temperature reaching 17.3°C which is not bad for late October.

I tend to forget all about my web cam which sits in the window looking up the garden day and night. It produces a video which appears in a little window on my desktop PC. It can be quite handy for spotting birds making use of our birdbath. Every hour though it captures a still image which it loads up to the web and appears on my blog page.
On Wednesday morning it captured this accidental sefie (if that’s possible) as I topped up the bird bath.

It was our first trip to the plot since the gales of Tuesday. Our almost over sweet peas hadn't survived intact.
I'm not too sure where the dust bin has come from. The damaged plants and support were pulled over onto the plot to leave the road around the site clear. At least the sweet peas are almost finished and it did make it easier for Sue to pick a few surviving flowers for home. 


  1. A shame it was all blown down, but at least it was nearly the end of it anyway. Love the selfie!

    1. As Sue commented 'the sweet peas are over'


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