Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Winding Down

It’s a bit of a shock to the system to have this spell of cold damp weather after those lovely late September days. Tuesday wasn’t particularly wet just damp with some spells of drizzle. The temperature only just made it out of double figures with a high of 10.7°C.

Our greenhouse crops are winding down and I picked the last of the Himrod grapes today.
As usual they've done well producing a total of 3.25kg of lovely sweet seedless grapes. We picked our first bunch on 16 August and had a dozen bunches of grapes.

We may well just have another tiny harvest of Sungold tomatoes to pick next week. I picked a few today and the tiny fruits are now pressed up against the greenhouse roof. They've lost none of their super sweet taste though and are well worth picking.
Coincidentally our growbag of three Sungold tomato plants has produced 3.25kg of fruit exactly matching the weight of Himrod grapes. Some of the Sungold tomatoes were even smaller than the grapes. I managed to fit a dozen tomatoes into my lunchtime sandwich.

We've been waiting all summer for our Morning Glory plant grown from seed in spring to show any signs of flowering. As the saying goes “better late than never” and it’s now putting on a spectacular show in the greenhouse.
Each flower only lasts at its best for a couple of days but there’s an amazing number of flower buds to come out if they manage it so late on in the season. It’s made all that watering through the summer worthwhile. I've got no idea whether or not it’s an annual or perennial plant but we’ll probably try to keep it over winter and see if it will produce some flowers earlier next summer.


  1. I've heard so many people rave about Sungold that I tried them myself a few years ago but I wasn't impressed at all. Perhaps I should give them another go. My Morning Glories were munched by the slugs as soon as I planted them out.

    1. At one stage Jo we had about a dozen Morning Glory seedlings but only one made it planthood. It's strange how someone finds a tomato really tasty compared to someone else who'll reckon it's tasteless. A bit like cucamelons. Ours don't taste of anything to me but others think they're fantastic.

  2. The Morning Glory is stunning, worth waiting for. The Sungold tomatoes are still producing the odd fruit outside here as well, although I think I picked the last ones today. They're always both the first and the last to be picked.


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