Tuesday, 7 October 2014

It’s Arrived

Autumn’s finally arrived and after a few weeks of pleasant late summer weather autumn finally announced its arrival. After Sunday’s low temperature of 3.3°C Monday turned out to be wet and cold with 9.8mm of rainfall, equal to the amount for the whole of September, and only 9.8°C by lunchtime.

The poor weather did allow lots of recent photographs to be sorted out and uploaded onto our web sites. We've added two albums of pictures from our visit to the Great Central Railway gala.
One album’s pictures cover the arriving and departing of the trains at Quorn and Woodhouse station and can be found here or by clicking on the photograph.

Sue took some pictures of the station buildings and displays. The station was originally opened in 1899 eventually becoming part of the Great Central Railway. The station played an important role in the Second World War. The area was considered safe from enemy bombing raids and the station area and sidings were expanded and ammunition was stored locally and transported by train to where it was required. A fuller history of the station can be found on the Great Central Railway’s web site here. The station has been restored with a 1940’s style theme to reflect its role in World War II.
Sue’s photos of the restored station can be found here or by clicking on the photo above.

With more showers or longer spells of rain forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday it looks like many more photos and some video editing might get sorted out.


  1. I love the 1940s interior of the station building, wonderful, especially with that welcoming fire.

    1. The "old wireless" in the corner was playing 1940's music just to add to the atmosphere too.


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