Saturday, 25 October 2014

Autumn Digging

Friday wasn't a bad October day and certainly nothing like the forecast which was for a pretty wet day.

We made the most of a decent day doing more tidying up on the plot and getting a little bit of autumn digging done. The ground is in lovely condition for digging at the moment and certainly nothing like a few weeks ago when it resembled concrete rather than soil.
I watched the last episode of Beechgrove Garden for this year and they were cutting back roses ready for winter. A sort of precautionary measure against any damage caused by windy weather over winter before receiving a “proper” prune in spring.
On the plot our roses are still producing flowers like this. I can’t see them getting the winter chop just yet.


  1. Beautiful roses, and a good job with the digging. I've not heard of Beechgrove Garden, I shall look out for it.

  2. I was anticipating a wet day on Friday and spent most of it tidying the garden, only realising at the end that it hadn't rained here in London! One occasion when I'm glad the BBC weather got it wrong!


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