Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Wet Without Much Rain

Monday seemed dull wet and damp all day but the rainfall only came to 2.4mm even though it rained all day.
Our photos of our visit to RSPB Old Moor have now been added to our web site and can be viewed here. Golden Plovers had arrived in their hundreds but kept well out of close up camera range so all our photos of them were taken on maximum zoom.


  1. What a stunning photo. We saw a pink footed goose at Slimbridge on Sunday. He should have stopped at Martin Mere (I think that one's near you?) but he overshot and ended up all the way down here. Apparently there are hundreds at Martin Mere. Just the one at Slimbridge, poor chap.

    1. How did one goose manage to make a mistake like that. Apparently there's about 45,000 pink footed geese at Martin Mere now. I wouldn't think there's any room for any human visitors. I'm making a big assumption that they'll stay there until next spring. We might have a trip over to see them. Must be an impressive sight.


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