Monday, 20 October 2014

Record Mildness?

Saturday and Sunday were very mild for the time of year. The temperature managed 20°C on Saturday that’s the latest I've recorded a high temperature into the twenties so late in October. However, mildness isn't everything and both days were pretty dull and it was very blustery on Sunday.

Although the forecast was for heavy showers on Sunday we went to see what photographic opportunities there were at the East Lancashire Railway Steam Gala.
Good locations take a little bit of finding and aren’t always that easy to find on a first visit. We decided to try our luck at Burrs Country Park located just outside Bury.
We managed to find a few locations where we thought it would be possible to get some decent shots. We had a walk around the park and managed a few photographs and some video. We found a small cafe and decided on a cup of coffee. As we headed for the cafe the weather did look a bit ominous, as though those heavy showers in the forecast might be on the way.
By the time we’d drunk our coffee it was pouring down and it didn't particularly look like a short sharp shower. After a little while waiting to see if the weather was going to improve as it was still raining heavily we decided to call it a day and head back home over the Pennines.


  1. The same weather here in Croatia. Still haven't turned the heating on. And people are still bathing in the sea along the coast. I mowed the lawn yesterday wondering if it is for the last time this year. But, the rain and temperature drop is to expect the next three days...

  2. Well worth going despite it ending in rain, it looks like a lovely spot, and you've got some great photos. We were down to t-shirts at the weekend, although we were cycling fairly vigorously yesterday. Fortunately we got home before the rain. (A couple of weeks ago we all got completely soaked).

  3. Lovely scenic photos. It has been very mild. Supposed to get severe gales tonight so will see what happens.


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