Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Day of Mixed Photography

Saturday remained dry although some early morning sun soon disappeared to leave us with a cloudy and windy day.

Late morning we set off on the first of our photographic locations to capture a mainline steam train on the East Coast Main line. This was a charter train from London (Kings Cross) to Newcastle. Sue was in charge of the stills whilst I did a little bit of video.
After this we heading for the the Yorkshire Wildlife’s Trust nature reserve at Potteric Carr.
The birds had a mind to be anti-photographable resting out of range of any regular telephoto lens. There are plenty of birds on the islands in the middle of the lake but they’re a long way off.
So bird wise it was a bit of a disappointing day but I did manage this picture of a moorhen from one of the hides.
To me it does have a bit of a “did somebody just take my photo” appearance obviously rather surprised that someone would want to take its photo. 

Then as we made our way around the reserve we came across the star subjects of the day. If anything they wanted to get up too close but these cattle made fantastic subjects.


  1. Fantastic cattle shots, they're wonderful aren't they. You've captured some beautiful skies as well.

  2. Some great photos! Those long haired bulls are really pretty.

    1. And much easier to spot and photograph than birds.


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