Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bucking the Trend

Wednesday was a lovely sunny day until late afternoon when it clouded over. It was certainly much cooler than of late and it was slow to warm up after an early morning low of 3.4°C.

As we seem to have a tendency to do, Ossett must be bucking the national trend of October being a continuation of summer although it’s been a nice month and we've made steady progress tidying up on the plot mixed in with a few days out. 
The chart shows the daily running average temperatures for the last five Octobers. The purple line with crosses marked on it shows this year which isn't anything special compared with the last few years. To all intents and purposes the average for the end of the month looks like it will be the same as 2011 and 2013 around the 12.0°C mark. The warmest October average from Met Office records is 2001 with an average of 13.33°C. 
Last year the roses were still managing to put on some flowers at the end of October just like this year as this photo taken on 30 October 2013 shows. 

On a different note I see that some of the forecasting models are suggesting a short cold snap around bonfire night with the first frosts of the autumn for most of us. It’s a reminder that I’d better get our carrot duvet of straw in place in case the forecast turns out to be correct. 


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