Friday, 4 April 2014

Drabness Goes On

Thursday was another cold drab day. It didn't have any spring like characteristics associated with it. It tends to be a bit annoying when the weather forecast is read out on TV includes such phrases as “continuing mild” as it hasn't been mild here for a couple of days now. Night time and day time temperatures have almost become one with only a couple of degrees centigrade variation between night and day.
Temperature and Sunshine from 01 April 2014 - 21:00 on Thursday 03 April 2014
As you can easily see from the chart Wednesday and Thursday have produced very similar weather and it hasn't been very good. I'm hoping that the weekend will bring some sort of improvement.
I'm running out of pictures as they are pretty difficult to capture in such dull drab conditions. I thought I’d post this picture of our camellia which was pruned severely in early summer 2011. 
You can just make out the main stump of sawn off branches of the camellia at the back of this photograph. I did have a few doubts once I’d hacked it back so drastically but after a couple of years recovering it’s now looking good. One thing about gardening is you never know until you try something a bit different whether it will work or not. Luckily in this case it did and a shrub that had become far too big has been saved from the compost heap


  1. I do love camellias. It's interesting to know that they can be pruned so severely. Although the two I have are so tiny, it could be a while. I do hope you have some nice spring weather soon. It looks like it will be a dull and wet weekend here though.

    1. As you will notice we had a visit to Slimbridge to test out your weather.


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