Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good News About Brassicas

It wasn't too bad on Easter Monday. After a cloudy morning the sun broke through around lunch time a little earlier than the last few days resulting in a lovely warm sunny afternoon. The clouds thickened up again late in the afternoon enough to give a bit of light rain. This was the first measurable  rain for almost two weeks.

Our cabbage and calabrese plants bought from Marshalls at the end of March have come on a treat with a bit of care and attention.
Cabbage - Duncan - 23 March 2014
Calabrese - Marathon - 23 March 2014
These plants spent their first couple of weeks recuperating in the relative luxury of our cold greenhouse before being moved on into the cold frame to allow them to acclimatise to life outdoors. 
Cabbage - Duncan - 22 April 2014
Calabrese - Marathon - 21 April 2014
In the fine weather of Easter Monday afternoon Sue planted out these cabbages and calabrese on the plot. We haven’t had any problems with club root in the bed they've been planted in so we’re hoping for great things from them. They've been planted through weed control fabric to reduce competition from weed growth and save us time not having to do any weeding. As a final precautionary measure they were covered with butterfly proof netting to hopefully keep the plants caterpillar free.
It turned out to be a productive day down on the plot. This is the list of other sowings and plantings for the Easter Monday.


  1. The plug plants are looking fantastic, unrecognisable in fact. A good advert for Marshalls I think!

    1. Don't think they would have survived going straight out into the plot. Looking good now though.


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