Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mammoth Seed Sowing Afternoon

On Tuesday the sun was a little later coming out waiting until the early afternoon before making an appearance. By late afternoon the temperature reached 21.1°C our warmest day of the year.
It was far too hot in the greenhouse in the afternoon to be sowing seeds so our mammoth seed sowing session was done outside. Fortunately there was only the lightest of breezes so whilst sowing seed there was no risk of them being blown about in the wind. The full list is shown below. 
This was our main flower sowing session. The plan is that once germination takes place flower seeds will be moved outside into the cold frame and more seeds sown. We don’t plan to thin out the seedling but just plant the contents of the pot in the allotment where the plants are to flower.

I did sow more of our choices from James Wong’s Homegrown collection, Cucamelon and Chinese Chives, which we are trying along with Inca Berries for the first time.

Cucamelons are described as grape size watermelons that taste of cucumber with a tinge of lime. Chinese Chives are described as having delicate roast garlic flavoured blossoms and greens.

I’m not sure that we've tried eating any flowers before now so Chinese Chives might be a first in more ways than one.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of sowing in one go, I'm suitably impressed. I'll be very interested to hear what you think of cucamelons, I keep hearing about them. I like the idea of a hint of lime, I love citrus flavours. I bought some sunflower seeds today, Earth Walkers, for the boys to sow in a little competition.

    1. Luckily for me Sue did most of the sowing. I guess the sunflower competition is for the tallest sunflower. We won't win that one as ours are a dwarf growing variety but at least we will be able to see the flowers.


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