Thursday, 24 April 2014

Decisions Decisions!

Wednesday was a big improvement with some sunny spells and the temperature managed a very respectable 17.6°C. We had some more light rain late on into the evening.

One issue with having grass paths around our beds down on the plot is that at this time of year the grass grows very quickly. Whilst I like the idea of keeping the paths looking reasonable I'm not too fussed if the grass gets a bit long. The trouble is it then takes much longer to cut and get back to looking tidy. Anyhow I decided to spend an afternoon on the plot cutting the grass. 
One of our plots that has lots of fruit bushes and trees is almost planted up for summer. Only one small bed remains to be planted up with peas and beans.

I’ve still some more potatoes to plant and I’d really decided that I wasn't going to plant any more through weed control fabric until we see how our experimental early potatoes perform this year. But…..
The plan for this bed is for a crop of potatoes to be grown in it over summer and then once they are removed it will be planted up with winter onions. It was covered with weed control fabric last autumn and whilst the edges need a little tidying up it would be much easier to plant a couple of rows directly through the fabric rather than remove the fabric, give the soil a quick tiller and then plant our potatoes conventionally. I might go for planting through the fabric after all. I saw last week on Beechgrove Garden they were planning to plant through black plastic sheeting. Should I, shouldn’t I? I’ll have to make a decision in the next few days.


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