Sunday, 20 April 2014

Coldest Day of the Month

Our somewhat topsy turvy weather produced the coldest day of the month so far. After Good Friday’s sunshine we had cloud for much of Saturday with the sun only managing to break through late in the afternoon. Saturday morning was the coldest it’s been this month with the temperature falling to 0.1°C in the early hours of the morning managing to climb to 12.6°C by 17:15 in the late afternoon sun.

Our tomato seeds germinated well under the indoor growlight but it was time for them to be transplanted to give them more room to grow on. 
These are Sungold seedlings after transplanting. We have similar seed modules with Alicante, Amish Gold, Brandy Boy Hybrids, Kings of Colour and Sioux. That should be plenty of plants to supply both home and plot greenhouses. The seedlings will be left in the cold greenhouse now and will need to be covered with fleece to keep them as warm as possible during the night.

It still can get pretty cold in the greenhouse overnight. On Saturday morning as the outside temperature fell to 0.1°C the corresponding temperature in the greenhouse was 2.1°C. That’s a little bit too low for my liking for tomato plants so if we have any more nights as cold they might get a little bit of a set back. 


  1. It's been chilly here too, despite the sunshine. You've got some wonderful sounding tomato varieties there, especially Amish Gold - lovely. Mine are almost ready to go outside, so I'm hoping it will warm up a bit during the next three or four weeks.

    1. Amish Gold tastes good too. Cold and dull again here today. We were going to go down to the plot this afternoon but the weather will need to improve. I don't fancy sowing carrots and parsnips in the cold. They won't germinate in any case until it warms up a bit.

  2. Your tomato seedlings look great and I am *hugely* heartened to see them.

    It's terribly easy to look at too many blogs and see folk (who are probably much further south) who have plants which are much further along. You and Sue are my favourite 'marker in the ground' and remind me that I'm not behind/late in doing stuff.

    Our greenhouse has got down to 1.8 this week so I'm doing the fleece on/fleece off dance every evening & morning.

    1. I always think I'm behind too for just the same reasons. Some plotters on our site have had their potatoes planted weeks ago. Most of ours are still chitting happily in the greenhouse. The tomatoes in the greenhouse will have their fleece covering ready as I'm sure we'll have a few cold nights in the next few weeks.


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