Saturday, 19 April 2014

Blue Sky

The weather turned on its head and from no sun on Thursday we had dawn to dusk sunshine for Good Friday.
Woody took up an early morning pose on the finial at the top of the summerhouse on guard in case I mistakenly left the brassicas hardening off in the cold frame uncovered. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it continued like that throughout the day.

It was a busy afternoon on the plot planting some Winston, Nicola and Marfona potatoes and getting all our remaining onion sets that were growing in modules planted out.
We still managed to find time to have a couple of cups of coffee and attempt to photograph a goldfinch singing in the hawthorn tree. Of course by the time we had our cameras trained on it, off it went. This was my best and only picture.
Our cherry tree Summer Sun is now in full flower. If any of these flowers set fruit the main problem will be keeping the birds from pinching the cherries as they ripen. We haven’t yet mastered the art of protecting our cherries from the birds.
I’m hoping that we might have another chance to practice our protection techniques this summer.


  1. My cherry tree hasn't got very much blossom this year, I'm not confident of a good harvest. I've got my Arran Pilot spuds planted out but not the Anya or Pink Fir Apple. We've got quite a busy weekend with the start of the cricket season and Daniel going back to university so I'm not confident they'll get planted any time soon. I'm going to have to make an effort to get down to the plot during the week.

    1. The start of the cricket season - that's why the suns disappeared and it's turned colder. I'm surprised it hasn't rained too. I've some more potatoes to plant but they will have to wait for an improvement in the weather.

  2. You have been busy. I'm just back from watching goldfinches at Slimbridge. I missed the kingfishers (again), but the biggest boy got a glimpse. Met someone with some fantastic photos taken this morning, they are sitting on eggs at the moment, and swapping over sitting shifts at about 10am apparently. We also saw a crane on a nest - there might be the first crane chick for about 400 years. Hope you're both having a good Easter.

    1. You're Easter sounds busy too with medieval jousting and a visit to Slimbridge. Pleased the kingfishers decided to nest even if you didn't manage a photo. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


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