Friday, 18 April 2014

Baby Incas

A complete turn around in the weather for Thursday as sunshine was replaced by clouds and a strong wind returned.

Our Inca Berries seeds sown on 07 April have germinated.
We're trying Inca Berries for the first time this year and I'm always a little bit dubious how untried seeds will germinate but these have germinated very well. According to James Wong they're incredibly easy to grow so I guess we're going to put that claim to the test. You can find out more about Inca Berries from James Wong’s web site here

I've never really understood why Easter is considered to be potato planting time as the date of the holiday varies considerably from March into mid April. In any case I'm planning on taking part in this tradition.
I’m hoping to get these Winston potatoes planted as soon as I can now. They're certainly well chitted and ready for the plot. Hopefully with a good weather forecast for Friday and Saturday they'll be in the plot by the end of the holiday.


  1. I've just discovered James Wong, I saw his book when I was browsing the gardening section of Waterstone's in Wells the other day. Lots of good ideas, in fact I planted some tomatilloes today.

    1. We've got some cucamelon seeds still to sow. I like lots of the stuff from his book Homegrown Revolution. I like to try something different to grow - that's how we stumbled across quinces.


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