Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Off to a Brilliant Start

Tuesday morning got off to a poor start, cloudy,dull and murky weather but all that changed mid morning as the sun broke through. By the middle of the afternoon. As I cut the grass I already had my blog post planned as this must easily be the warmest day of the year. 
As it turned out I was wrong about it being the warmest day of the year as that record is still held by 9th March at 18.6°C a smidgeon higher than Tuesday’s 18.3°C.
Once the grass was cut I moved on to giving the pond filter its first clean out of the season. It certainly needed it. I'm amazed at how much material is trapped by the filtration system that would otherwise remain in the pond. All the contents of the filter are emptied onto the garden and the plants don’t seem to mind at all. The fish also got their first meal since last autumn. Our fish are extra special fish with much better memories than your average fish which allegedly can only remember things for up to 5 seconds. A nice mild day and our fish were at the pond side begging for food. Our frog spawn has disappeared. We are not sure whether or not it has spawned or our fish have gobbled it up as a tasty meal because I haven’t been feeding them.
Around the pond edge our “bonsaied” gunnera is now breaking out of its winter dormancy. I really need to give it a bigger pot this year. Its a catch twenty two situation as the smaller the pot the more watering is required in summer but I'm guessing that a bigger pot will result in a much bigger plant and the same amount of watering and feeding. At least it would get some fresh compost if I move it into a bigger pot.  


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