Sunday, 16 October 2011

We’ve got soil back

On Saturday two things made a very welcome return. Firstly the sun shone all day after a week hidden behind clouds and after a chilly start it warmed up quite nicely in the afternoon sunshine.

Secondly we have soil back at the allotment. After our dry spring and summer our soil was more like dusty concrete than soil. Now after last week’s rain it suddenly breaks up into a dark tilth when dug. Even the grass paths have a spongy feel to them now they’ve received some rain.

At last it was possible to dig over beds as we cleared our summer crops off them. We managed to plant our remaining garlic cloves in the plot and plant some peas (Meteor) to see if we have any success at over wintering them to achieve an extra early crop next year. They can’t really do much worse then some of our summer crops which failed to produce any peas at all.

In the flower bed adjacent to our shed we’ve planted some wallflowers to give some colour and perfume in spring time next year. Details of all our October plantings can be found on our web site by clicking here.


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