Monday, 24 October 2011

Late calabrese is a treat

Sunday’s temperature got up to an impressive 16.6°C, good for late October. We didn’t have much sunshine, but with a fairly light breeze it felt pleasantly mild.

I decided to try some of our late calabrese (Green Magic). It’s been tempting me for a few weeks now but I've resisted thinking the heads could do to grow a bit bigger. 
Growth seems very slow at this time of year. I’ve wondered if I should have planted the seeds a little earlier to perhaps get rather larger heads or has our really dry late summer and autumn slowed down progress. 
The seeds were sown on the 2nd July and planted out on the 9th August.
The seed packet recommends sowing May to June, so I was fractionally late sowing the seed, and that it should be ready to harvest 75-80 days after planting. Does this mean after sowing the seeds or transplanting the seedlings? I assume it means sowing the seed in which case our calabrese should have been ready for picking by 20th September. If it does refer to a transplanting date then our calabrese is ready according to the 75 to 80 days stated on the seed packet.
This was our calabrese at the beginning of October. It looks to me to be a little short of water and looking rather blue at this stage. The early October rains did wonders.
As for the information on the seed packet I’m not too fussed either way as the calabrese tasted good and we’ve some more heads to look forward to. Perhaps next year I might sow the seeds a couple of weeks earlier towards the end of June. 


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