Thursday, 27 October 2011

Embarrassing or what!

Wednesday dawned cool and clear giving us a pretty good day with some sunny spells.

My new sheet of cut to size acrylic arrived so, whilst the weather was dry and most importantly not windy, it seemed like a good opportunity to get it fitted. Due to the close proximity of a fence, the roof glazing cannot slide out in the same way as it went in before the fence was built by our neighbour. The only option was to break the glass still remaining in place to remove it. Strange how difficult it can be to break glass with a hammer when you want to. In the end I managed to remove it all and carefully clear away all the broken shards. The size of the acrylic sheet is 1.65m x 0.73m, well that’s what I measured, so I was hoping the new sheet would fit satisfactorily. It was pretty difficult to slide the new sheet into place as the acrylic flexed in the middle and kept falling out of the locating grooves in the wooden frame. I eventually managed to fit it into the desired grooves with the help of some temporary wooden stiffeners to stop it flexing. Permanent stiffeners are required to stop the sheet flexing and falling out when the wind blows or it’s weighed down by snowfall.

But now the new sheet is installed it’s embarrassing to see just how dirty the old glass has become. I’ll have to do some cleaning in time for next year’s seed sowing.
I had to look carefully at this photograph as the adjacent glass pane is so dirty it almost looks like timber. Certainly goes to show how important  keeping up to cleaning the greenhouse glass is.


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