Saturday, 29 October 2011

More sunshine

Another nice day on Friday with plenty of sunshine and temperatures about average for the end of October.

Watching Autumn Watch on Friday night the weather report covered just how warm October has been and quoted something like the 7th warmest in 100 years. I’m not convinced that our October has been that good. Certainly it started off with record breaking temperatures during the first 3 days of the month but since then the temperatures have been around or below expected. My graph of our monthly average temperature shows how we’ve gone from the record breaking start to just above expected towards the end of the month.
My figures for our greenhouse show that we've had colder greenhouse temperatures this year than last. 
In this chart it’s possible to compare the number of hours below 7.0°C in my greenhouse up to 28th October 2011 and for last October. Already we've had 84 hours this year compared to 61 hours for the whole of October 2010.
It’s been a crazy year so far with our record temperatures for the beginning of October and our ongoing below average rainfall for most of the year. I wonder what surprises November and December have up their sleeves for us. 


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