Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A frog in the tank.

Tuesday continued the gloomy and overcast weather with a little more drizzle in the morning. The afternoon was dry and overcast. Despite the gloomy weather the temperatures remain just a little above average. 

I noticed that the outflow from the pond filter had been reduced to a meagre trickle. I haven’t covered the pond so I guessed it was probably leaves or even the little fruits from our crab apple tree causing a blockage in some part of the filter.
Once the blockage was removed I decided to clean out the rest of the filter. To my surprise as I was emptying water out of one of the filtration tanks a little head bobbed up to greet me.
I’ve got no idea how this frog got into the filter tank but it’s not the first time it’s happened. I took him out of the tank and placed him on the pond wall where he quickly took a mighty leap into the pond and disappeared, appearing none the worse for his adventure. I've no idea by the way whether it was an him or an her.
The frog was in the tank on the right. I removed the brushes for cleaning, it was then as I emptied the water that I found the frog. Before anyone has any really awful thoughts it’s not possible for the poor frog to have been pumped out of the pond and through the filter system. There’s a filter on the pump and a venturi  in the system with a width of just a few millimetres where incidentally the blockage had occurred. This frog must have done some serious mountaineering.
 Blockage sorted and frog rescued my pond filter was restored to full working order.


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