Sunday, 23 October 2011

Not bad for late October

Both Friday and Saturday were pretty good days for late October and in the afternoon sunshine it felt mild.

It was good weather for tidying up on the plot. The last of the runner beans and some old dry broad bean plants were cleared to the compost heap and the weeds dug out to make the bed ready for digging over for winter. Despite the lack of rain all summer the rain in early October has left the ground in excellent condition for digging.

I’ve put Friday and Saturday together not for any weather related facts but because my computer is playing silly games with me. At times it works perfectly fine, then suddenly decides enough is enough and just stops or rather slows to an absolute snail’s pace where every click of the mouse takes what seems like minutes to be performed. I do mean every click, choosing to vary the percentage view of a window will demand a long wait for the little box to open with the choice of screen sizes to click on. Re-boots don’t seem to sort the problem out and as yet I haven’t manage to fathom out the operation that causes the sudden slow down. Computers are so good when they’re working - so frustrating when they’re not.


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