Friday, 7 October 2011

Surprisingly tasty quinces

I must have upset someone yesterday suggesting that October might set record high temperatures. Wednesday's minimum temperature 13.4°C turned out to be Thursday’s maximum. 

It was even windier than the last few days especially when the squally showers arrived at various times throughout the day. The showers gave us 5.8mm of rainfall which I think will be enough to water in our newly planted autumn onions.

Earlier in the week we had picked our first two quinces, Meeches Prolific, and these were made into a quince and apple crumble today. 
I didn't hold out much hope when I peeled the skin of the hard pear shaped fruit. The centre of the fruit was hard and nutty making it difficult to cut out. Cooked with a little sugar and a drop of water they soon softened giving off a wonderful sweet smell and what’s more they tasted really good too. You can read more about our quince tree on Susan's blog soon.


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