Sunday, 2 October 2011

A temperature record breaker

Saturday was a day for breaking the highest October temperature records all around the country. From Paul Hudson's blog details for Yorkshire are given as follows;

In Yorkshire, the highest October temperature on record was set in Whitby on the 2nd October, 1908, with 28.3C (82F).

We just managed to break that yesterday recording a high of 28.5°C at 13:45. I'm sure the official records will be slightly different but I suspect the record will be broken officially.

Whilst some parts of the county have no doubt had a wet September we had another dry month with just 50% of our anticipated rainfall. 
We've now reached a low spot for the year as we’ve had just 64% of the annual rainfall for 2011. I’m tempted to say that the only way is up now but I've thought that for the past few months. Now that this super spell of weather is coming to an end for us some rain would be most welcome to allow some break from watering on the plot.

Our second batch of autumn planting onions Electric and Shakespeare have arrived from Thompson and Morgan. I'm sharing our four onion varieties with a gardening friend so once the sets are divided up they will be planted in the plot as soon as possible. Our new super garlic collection has arrived from the same supplier too, so we will have to decide on our planting method for these, to hopefully produce better results than this year when we had a complete crop failure. 


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