Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Beds Dug In The Nick Of Time

The forecast for rain in the early hours of Tuesday morning turned out to be correct. Another 5.8mm of rainfall, so far on Tuesday, has made this March the wettest I've recorded.
Although we've had plenty of rain this month over the last week it's been a bit drier and so, bearing in mind that rain was forecast, I was determined to see if some of the beds on the allotment had dried out enough to be dug over with my cultivator.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-27 March 2018
Once I started the cultivator digging over the first bed I was pleasantly surprised by how well the soil turned over. In the odd spot it was a bit wet, where the soil was a little bit more compacted, but in general it wasn't too bad and progress was fairly speedy. Fish,blood and bone fertiliser was added and raked in. Rather than cover the ground with the appropriate piece of weed control fabric I thought it would be a better use of my time to get more beds dug over while conditions were suitable. Weed control fabric can be put in place even if the soil is very wet as it doesn't involve me standing on the cultivated ground.
Beds for Broad Beans, Potatoes and Onions Dug Over 26 March 2018
By the end of the afternoon I'd managed to get six beds dug over. All the soil cultivated well enough and broke down into a suitable tilth for either planting or sowing directly into it. All the beds still need to be covered with weed control fabric before we start planting or sowing. Hopefully, that will get done fairly soon and we'll actually begin the growing season proper.


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