Friday, 23 March 2018


Thursday was a much better day than we've been having recently and there were some rumours around that it produced our warmest day of the year. Unfortunately for us that wasn't quite the case as the temperature maxed out at 12.5°C or 54.5°F our warmest March day of this year. Amazingly as we approach the end of March our warmest day of the year is still 28 January when the temperature reached the dizzy heights of 13.8°C or 56.8°F.

The one thing that is noticeable is that the wind has moved out of that bitterly cold easterly flow into a milder westerly direction.
Wind Direction Records 16-22 March 2018
Given the better weather you might have thought we'd head for the allotment but we didn't and instead did the next best thing and had a trip to the garden centre. We picked up some different dahlia tubers for the perennial bed at the allotment. We don't know yet whether or not last year's tubers will have made it through this winter's cold spells.
If last year's tubers don't make it through winter hopefully these 5 different varieties will make a splash of colour in our perennial bed this summer. Whilst we were at the garden centre we couldn't resist the temptation to buy a few herbs so that we've some early picking while we get this year's herbs sorted out.

As I was sorting out our newly purchased herbs and dahlias into their spot in our home greenhouse, I noticed that our first seeds of the year have germinated today.
Broad Bean - Witkeim Manita
Lettuce - All Year Round
I'm always happy to see the first seeds of the year germinate. Hopefully it's just the beginning as we've lots more seeds to sow.


  1. You went to the garden centre!!! Excuse me for asking but was that a wise option? It's irresistible, self indulgent, and expensive - the exact opposite of the allotment.

    1. Spot on Mal - we had lunch there as well - roast salmon fillet which was very tasty. Went to the allotment on Friday which was as you say a much cheaper option.


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