Sunday, 4 March 2018

Balmy Weather - In More ways Than One!

Sunday morning has started off almost balmy with the temperature hovering around 1.0°C or 34.0°F. It's rather unusual for our temperature to manage to reach such dizzy heights so far this month. In the table below, of last week's temperatures, I've highlighted the 0°C or 32°F level to show how many days were below freezing point.
Temperature Records for 26 February - 04 March 2018
To put some sort of perspective on how unusually cold a start we have had to March 2018 it's worth considering that in the previous eight Marches I've recorded a grand total of three days with average daily temperature below 0°C or 32°F. The first three days of March this year have all been below that level. The graph of our previous mildest and coldest March months is shown below again emphasising the unusually cold start to the month.
However, the good news is with the temperatures above freezing a thaw has set in even if it is a dull murky day with occasional bouts of sleety rain.
These early flowering daffodils are emerging from their blanket of snow. There's still a reasonable amount of snow to thaw and parts of the pond are still frozen over.
The weather forecast is for the milder weather to continue with temperatures gradually returning to more normal values through next week for early March.


  1. It actually rained in Edinburgh tonight - although the snow is still in evidence, especially on compacted pathways.

    1. Sleety snowy rain here. Dull and misty all day. Hasn’t warmed up very much but at least it’s a little bit above freezing.

  2. Lovely update Martyn thank you for sharing and blessing to Sue and yourself most of the snow has gone now here in my part of Norfolk

    1. Snow has gone here too now. (Monday morning) Foggy and cold now.


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