Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Somebody Tell The Weather!

Both meteorological and astronomical springs have sprung but the weather still thinks it's winter. I sowed our sweet peas and planted some Casablanca potatoes in a potato sack on Tuesday afternoon. It was reasonably pleasant in the greenhouse as some afternoon sunshine lifted the temperature into the mid teens centigrade or around 60°F but overnight the temperature in the greenhouse fell to -0.4°C or 31.3°F.
Potatoes - Casablanca
Sweet Pea - Kingfisher
Somehow it feels a bit like I'm trying to garden in the middle of winter. At least now astronomical spring is here we have more daylight than darkness each day so I'd hope colder overnight spells are shorter but it's odd to note that last November, December and January were all warmer than March 2018.
 Average High & Low Temperature November 2017 - March 2018
There doesn't seem to be much improvement if the current weather model forecasts turn out to be accurate as temperatures are set to remain on the cool side with more snow showers from early next week.

I'm sure spring will arrive eventually it's just a case of when!

All our March sowing can be found here.


  1. The respite from sub zero night temperatures Edinburgh does not herald a big improvement in temperature. The dreaded zero is due to return at the month end. Maybe April?

  2. Thank you for sharing Martyn blessings to both you and Sue


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