Thursday, 1 March 2018

Good News - Meteorological Spring has Arrived!

February and winter 2017/18 went out on a bitterly cold day. I'm not in much doubt that it turned out to be our coldest February day since I started keeping records in 2010.
Temperature & Wind Chill Records for 28 February 2018
I thought the early morning temperature of -5.7°C (21.7°F) on Wednesday would be the lowest of the day but I was wrong as it fell to -5.8°C (21.6°F) early into the evening. Fortunately, it didn't fall any further remaining around that level well into the night. It didn't quite manage the lowest temperature I've recorded in February which is still -5.9°C (21.4°F) on 08 February 2012. However, with a daytime high temperature of -1.7°C (28.9°F) and daily average of -4.2°C (24.4°F) it absolutely obliterates my previous values for February of 1.2°C (34.2°F) and -2.0°C (28.4°F) respectively which both go back to 2012. Incidentally, the lowest average daily temperature I've recorded goes back to 20 December 2010 and -7.6°C or 18.3°F.

It's certainly been an unusually cold spell of weather and not only have we had bitterly cold temperatures but some snow as well. I'm aware other parts of the country have had much more snow than us but three days of snow showers have gradually built up a significant amount for us.
Judging by the amount that had fallen onto our outdoor coffee table we've had about 10cm, 100mm or 4in whichever are your preferred units.
I'd now like the snow to go so that some serious gardening tasks can be started. The forecast doesn't seem to hold out much hope of that happening until after the weekend.


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