Thursday, 8 March 2018

More Snow - Spring Didn't Last Long

The early hours of Thursday morning brought some more snow. Judging from the depth of snow on the bird bath it's probably the best part of 2in or about 50mm.
Thursday, 08 March 2018
It's that wet sort of snow we get, not like that very dry powdery sort we got with the "beast from the east". With virtually no breeze to speak of it's left the trees looking very Christmasy with snow piled up on the branches.
Having said that I'm hoping it all disappears very quickly. We'd planned on a bit of gardening today but it looks as though that might now be on hold until tomorrow. The temperature is a little bit above freezing and the sun is beginning to break through the clouds so fingers crossed it will thaw quickly.
I have a suspicion that it's going to be a rather delayed start to the allotmenting year.


  1. Yes that looks fresh. We only have the remnants of the last lot. I gather this time it disappeared into the North Sea rather than cross the border to Scotland!

    1. This time it took pity on you and thought you'd had enough. It's virtually all thawed out today but left the ground very wet. Rain gauge has measured 9.6mm today which is all today's melting snow. That's our largest daily total this year. Gardening remains on hold!

  2. Thank you Martyn for sharing i been told we could get some in Easter which is only a couple weeks away I believe Blessing to both you and Sue

    1. I'm hoping this was the last of it for this year. I'd like to get on with some gardening.


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