Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Unwanted Ton!

Spring continues to be elusive. After a few dry days when I managed to dig over a some beds at the allotment the weather has returned to being cloudy, cold and wet. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records March 2018
The overnight rain into Saturday morning saw the rainfall total for the month exceed the 100mm mark. It's only the fifth time we've had over 100mm of rainfall in a month since 2010 and moving this March into fifth place in my wettest months' table.
Rainfall Data from 2010 -2018
We did manage to plant our onion sets on Thursday although it was touch and go as the weather did its best to rain all afternoon.
Onion sets - Stutgarter, Sturon, Red Karmen and Rumba
It’s now too wet to dig over anymore beds until we get some drier weather. We’ve got a couple of beds ready to plant both our early potatoes and trial potatoes but I think that the soil is far too wet and cold to plant them. I wouldn't think of planting potatoes in the allotment in January but January was not only drier than March, it was also milder. So far this year January is our warmest month! I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see if we get some drier weather and hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by then. At the moment we are stuck in winter waiting for spring to arrive.

However, there are just a few signs that spring is slowly arriving. I caught these two frogs doing what they usually do at this time of year.
I nearly stood on them as I headed up the steps to feed the birds. Sue eventually moved them nearer the pond where they were much safer as we did some gardening on Friday afternoon. In the greenhouse our nectarine tree is in full flower.
Nectarine - Fantasia
Perhaps April will see an improvement in the weather although with the possibility of more snow on Easter Monday it might not get off to the most promising start.

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  1. Lovely update Martyn was going to plant some things and clear the dog mess up but not in the rain hubby will not let me Blessing to you and Sue


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