Sunday, 25 March 2018

Done All We Can!

What could possibly go wrong. The clocks have gone forward so we're now on British Summer Time. Sunday morning has started off bright and sunny but with a bit of a chill in the air.
We've spent a couple of afternoons on the plot getting our first beds ready for planting. Beds for early potatoes, onions, broad beans and peas have all had their weed control fabric removed and the edges of the beds have been tidied up.
We have now done as much as we can to get the beds ready for planting up but the main problem is that they are still too wet to dig over. We need a few good drying days so that the beds can be dug over, some fertiliser incorporated and the weed control fabric replaced. A couple of the beds could be planted up without being dug  but the beds needed first, to get our onion sets planted, aren't suitable without a bit of cultivation.

Sue has weeded our perennial bed and raked in some fertiliser.
Our fruit beds have had a similar treatment so should be ready for the growing season to get into full swing.
Now we need the weather to play ball so the soil can dry out a little bit. However, the forecast for next week doesn't look like it's going to play nicely with rain forecast for most days next week. With a bit of luck it will be dry on Sunday and Monday so I'm planning to see how the beds dig over on Monday afternoon. The rest of the week doesn't look to be drying out sort of weather!


  1. It's frustrating waiting for the weather to turn! (I've had to resort to the heater again tonight)

  2. Thank you Martyn for sharing lovely update as usual blessing to Sue and you good self


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