Thursday, 22 January 2015

Snowy Day

It snowed lightly virtually from first light through to the early evening but even though the temperature never got above 1°C through the daytime the snow didn't build up to any great depth.

The birds had their food supplies replenished in the morning a short while after it had started snowing.
Our flock of resident blackbirds did a good begging job from their perches in our magnolia tree as their supply of buggy nibbles ran out. We had half a dozen blackbirds perched in the tree just far enough apart so that they tolerated one another. Now and again the spacing got a bit too close and a quick squabble broke out until a suitable spacing distance was re-established. They had their supplies replenished a couple of times through the day. I'm not expecting them to appear all together on Saturday or Sunday when we take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. 
Above is how it looked around 15:30 as the birds got a final topping up of buggy nibbles and after it had been snowing since 09:00. The snow was wet and melting despite the fact the thermometer was stuck around the 1°C mark.

The weather is forecast to be a bit milder over the weekend so the remnants of the snow shouldn't hang about for too long.


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