Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Record Breaker

Friday was another mild windy day. By the early evening the temperature reached 13.6°C. However the wind continued to howl around the house. The only respite from the wind was a brief spell in the middle of the afternoon but in the early evening the wind was whistling around the house again.
As the wind picked up the temperature continued to rise and it reached 14.1°C by midnight as the gale force winds continued.

As I've now been keeping my weather records for a little bit over 5 years it isn't very often that I have to visit my all time records page.
However, for a short time 09 January 2015 managed three new records on the All Time Records page.
  • The highest average wind speed for any day with 9.8 mph
  • The equal highest wind gust speed in January with 33.0 mph
  • The highest temperature recorded in January 14.1°C

It only held on to that highest January temperature for 1 hour and twenty five minutes as at 01:25 on 10 January as the  gale continued the temperature reached 14.2°C. As things stand at the moment it might not hold on to that average wind speed record as Saturday’s average currently stands at 11.3 mph but I'm hoping the gales will moderate a little through the day and the average wind speed reduce.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see the wind speed record broken again today, it's terrible here. That's a second night without sleep I've had, it scares me to death.

    1. We had a bit of a lull for a short time about an hour ago but normal gale force service has been resumed now. We're still in record territory.


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