Monday, 5 January 2015

Fresh Start

The worst of the gale force winds were saved for Friday with a maximum gust speed of 35mph. With a bit of luck that might be the worst of the year out of the way. The winds eventually died down and Saturday wasn't too bad a day but the best day of the three was Sunday with some long sunny spells after a cold and frosty start to the day.

I've been setting up a new web site for recording weather details for 2015. Each year has its own web site with links to connect all the years together. Hopefully I've got all the links connected correctly.
The Central England Temperature record kept by the Met Office shows 2014 as the “hottest” year in this database which goes back several 100 years. As you may have guessed there is a but coming and that’s that in my database for Ossett going back only five years 2014 turned to be equal with 2011 as the “hottest” years on record. I’m not sure that with an average temperature for the year of 11.0°C “hottest” is the right description - mildest might be much more appropriate.

On Friday evening when the wind was howling around the house Sue asked me which year had been the windiest. I didn't know but it was something I thought I should try to work out. There was a few different ways I thought of about how to measure the windiest year. It could simply be decided by which year recorded the strongest gust of wind but I've broken down wind speeds into various speed categories and then totalled how many gusts in each category have been recorded over the year.
So from the chart I reckon that 2013 has been the windiest year with 2011 bringing up a very pleasant looking last place.

Just in case you were wondering which year would have come out the windiest simply by using the highest wind gust speed then the answer is again 2013 when a gust of 42mph was recorded on 05 December 2013 .


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