Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year - New Weather

The old year saved its coldest day of the year for the very last day as the thermometer fell to -3.3°C on New Year’s Eve morning. That beat the previous lowest temperature set way back in March when the temperature fell to -2.4°C.
Although we had only a light covering of snow several days ago and some lovely sunny days since it had still been cold enough to prevent the snow from melting from the greenhouse roof.

All that was about to change as the new year swept in with gale force winds and much milder temperatures.
The temperature reached 13.7°C equalling the warmest January day I've recorded. The last time we managed such a mild day in January was on 29 January 2013. The average temperature for the first day of the year was 11.8°C a record high for January. The result of the mild weather was any remaining snow melted away very quickly.

The downside was that the milder weather brought with it gale force winds.  The wind started to pick up around lunchtime on New Year’s Day and continued through the night and into Friday.


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