Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Checking for Gale Damage

Not too bad a day for early January with just a little hint of sunshine and reasonably mild.

Whilst we were visiting the plot on Monday I had a quick look around to see if the weekend’s gales had done any damage.
The most obvious damage was to our cold frame. A pane of glass had been blown out of the end. This is the corner of the frame that usually takes the full force of any gales we have. Fortunately the pane had somehow managed to remain in one piece and could be fixed back in place.
I think the problem is that the cold frame is blown slightly out of vertical from the constant battering it receives from the wind and the result is that the small metal tags meant to hold the panes in place no longer do their job and the pane becomes loose. I've covered both ends of the frame with environmesh hoping that this might provide a little protection from the gales.

The only other damage I've spotted is that lots of fence posts will need to be either replaced or taken out and re sledge hammered back in.
This is the sort of damage I mean. This fence supports our kiwis and the post has either broken or just become loose in the ground. I’ll have to try and fix the damage before the kiwi comes into growth to minimise any damage to the plant.

With more gale force winds forecast for Friday and the weekend I might have even more fence posts to replace.


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