Saturday, 17 January 2015

Onion Dilemma

Friday saw a definite change in the weather as the mild windy weather was replaced with much colder conditions with a few rain, hail, sleety snow showers. The day’s high temperature was 5.8°C in the early hours of the morning. It fell through the day and was 3.7°C at lunchtime.

You’ll have noticed if you follow Sue’s blog that our seeds arrived from Kings Seeds this week.
We didn't have the box full all to ourselves as some of the orders were for other plot-holders on our site. The arrivals included our onion and shallot sets. I'm not sure what the best way of looking after these sets is over the next few cold winter months. Last year some of the sets were planted up into cells in the middle of February and they grew well last year but last February was very mild. There are some very cold nights forecast for next week so I'm a little undecided what to do.
They’re taking it easy in the summerhouse for now. It doesn't get too warm by day and if it threatens to be extremely cold next week I might move them into the garage or even into the house to protect them from any very keen frosts.
I’ll need to keep a close check on the sets to make sure they’re not deteriorating in their net bags but I'm leaving them in their own little bags so that each variety can be identified at planting time.


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