Friday, 16 January 2015

Pumpkin Madness

Wednesday and Thursday were once again very windy. Both days were mild with highs of 9.1°C and 10.4°C respectively. January 2015 has taken over the unwanted record of windiest month since 2011 when I started keeping records of wind speeds.
Thankfully the forecasts for the next week suggest that we've seen the back of the gales and that colder weather with daytime high temperatures only just above freezing are heading our way over the weekend and into next week.

I finally got round to making a pumpkin pie using one of our Crown Prince squashes. Pumpkin pie somehow has a much nicer ring to it than squash pie which doesn't sound very appetising to me.
This was the chosen squash. It was washed and cut up ready for cooking when I started thinking about all those precious squash seeds I was about to discard to the compost heap. Our squash seeds for this year have arrived, six seeds from Kings Seeds cost £1.30. It appears a bit expensive when you look at all those seeds a single fruit provides. Those six seeds normally provide us with enough squashes to see us through winter or alternatively 10 squashes at 13.0p each. 
The seeds above aren’t all the seeds from the squash only the easiest to select. Now I have to confess that I'm not a seed saving sort of a gardener. I do it now and again but it’s not often but I couldn't overlook this opportunity to save a handful of seeds. As Crown Prince is an F1 seed variety, common garden parlance would suggest it won’t come true from saved seed but I suppose unless I experiment I won’t know for sure. I'm jumping the gun a little bit as the first task will be to get some seeds to germinate.

As for the rest of the squash the cooked flesh produced enough cooked pumpkin for two pies.
One container full has gone into the freezer. The pumpkin pie itself tastes good but wasn't a “looker”. For some reason a ring around where the filling and the pastry met burnt slightly. I'm not sure why as this hasn't happened before. Still I remembered to add some sugar this time. You can’t have everything. I’d be no good in a Bake Off tent!


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