Sunday, 11 January 2015

Records Tumble

The only way to describe Saturday is to say that it blew a gale all day with occasional little lapses where it was just very windy.

Saturday, as I suspected, did take over the highest average daily wind speed record with 10.1mph and it also holds the record as the mildest January day with a maximum of 14.2°C.
The gale force winds eventually died down in the early hours of Sunday morning.

I usually add this chart of wind speed records to my monthly weather web charts but thought it worth including here as it shows how windy the last few days have been. We've probably missed the occasional freak gusts that would break the strongest gust record but the gale produced a constant battering which we haven’t had over the last five years. 
We’re 11 days into January and it already holds a few monthly wind speed records. It has more gusts in the 31-35mph, 26-30mph and 21-25mph speed ranges than any other months over the last five years. That’s the purple, red and brown blocks on the chart above.

With the horrendous gale force winds of Saturday it seems almost irrelevant that the temperature managed 14.2°C at 01:25 in the morning. 


  1. 14.2C at half-past one in the morning, in January, is most unusual! Our winter-weight duvet hasn't even been lifted-out of the cupboard yet.

    1. I would certainly prefer some colder sunny less windy days. We've certainly had a very mild start to the year due mostly I suppose to the windy weather coming in from the west.


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