Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wrong Type of High Pressure?

Saturday was a cloudy muggy day. The cloud was thick enough in the morning to give spells of drizzle and light rain. Our weather at the moment is governed by a high pressure and weather forecasts happily tell us this is bringing more settled dry weather. Unfortunately it’s not bringing much sunshine.

As we reach the mid point of June it’s been a wet and warm month so as a gardener I shouldn't be complaining too much but I will nevertheless as the amount of rain has prevented any digging down on the plot.
The average temperature for the month stands at 15.8°C, warmer than the last three years but not as warm as 2010. Rather strangely we arrived at this through slightly higher than average temperatures rather than exceptionally hot days with 10 of the first 14 days of the month managing 20°C or above. As for the rainfall although the month has had a wet couple of weeks with the rainfall amount standing at 35.4mm (09:00 Sunday morning) I'm hoping we don’t get anywhere near the 131.5mm of June 2012.

Sunday’s plan was for an afternoon down on the plot getting our coldframe planted up with peppers and tomatoes but once again the day has started off dull and cloudy with light rain falling in the morning. 
Some high pressure similar to that which produced such a lovely day on Thursday when we visited Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough Head would be much appreciated.

More images of our visit to Bempton and Flamborough Head can be found in my Flickr album here.


  1. What a beautiful photo, that's a really pretty corner. It's been very dry here, I need to get down to the allotment tonight and water things. Yesterday we were all hot and bothered. Playing football in the blazing sun may have contributed to it a bit. Hope there's some sun for you this week.

    1. Think it needs to dry out on the plot before I need to do any watering. A little more rain on Sunday morning and a dull cloudy afternoon. Sunshine has done a disappearing act for us at the minute.


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