Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Needs Rebooting

Saturday was another rainy day, which came mostly as drizzle with the odd spell of heavier rain mixed in. It was another cold day for June with the temperature only making it to 13.1°C.

Our plans for Saturday had been for another trip to Bempton Cliffs incorporating a little bit of steam train photography too. We decided against the trip not fancying a walk along the cliffs at Bempton in the cool damp weather. Any gardening was on hold too. 
By the middle of the afternoon things hadn't improved at all but we decided on a short ride out to the East Coast Main Line to see if we could capture some photos and video of 70013 Oliver Cromwell as it headed back from Scarborough to Kings Cross with a special steam hauled charter train “The East Riding”. As we waited for the train to arrive the rain continued in erratic bursts and we weren't sure if getting out of the car was going to be a good idea. Rain and cameras don't get on well together in my mind.
As it happened the rain almost held off as 70013 Oliver Cromwell steamed past us heading towards Doncaster.
As usual with steam train photography it was all over in a few seconds and all that’s left is to retire to the car and have a quick look to see if the shots were as expected. There’s no second chances if the shots aren’t what you hoped for.

For a steam locomotive built in 1951 and withdrawn from service in 1968 Oliver Cromwell wasn’t exactly hanging around with “The East Riding” as she sped past our vantage spot.


  1. What's this rain stuff? We don't seem to be getting any here on the Lancashire/Cumbria border.

    1. What no rain in Cumbria! I'll have a trip up there and that should sort things out.


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